10 Best Healthy Foods for Kids Brain Development

By admin August 23, 2019 in Kids Health

The most important thing for any parent is to ensure that they can do everything for their child to grow up in the right environment and with the right tools, whether it is physical health or education. Every growing child must get the right nutrients to make sure that they grow well and are disease-free even in the latter part of their lives. This is why it is important to ensure that the child gets the right nutrients to ensure that their body grows well and so does their brain. 

It is scientifically proven that a child’s brain develops the fastest in the first five years of their life. This means that children develop logic, reasoning and develop cognitive skills within this time. To ensure that the child can make the most of this time and make sure that they are consuming the right nutrients to aid the growth of their brain, it is important to add food items that will help this development and allows the brain to grow to its full potential.

To make sure that your child is developing well, you need to ensure that certain foods are added to their daily diet to make sure that they are not left behind.

Here are ten healthy foods for kids brain development- 


Eggs provide the right proteins and nutrients to help kids concentrate better in class. Not only this, the proteins found in egg whites help the kids muscles grow. The best way to serve this food item is to make four scrambled eggs every day and serve them with bread or tortilla wraps to make sure your little ones enjoy their meals.

Best Healthy Foods for Kids Brain Development

Greek Yogurt

Not a lot of parents realise the importance of greek yoghurt. It is vegetarian food that is packed with a lot of proteins and healthy fats. This helps the brain cells develop and helps them send and receive messages. This can be used to great dips or eaten as a side serving with different food items.


“Eat your Greens, kids!” is a popular saying in almost all households. As fussy as your child may be, greens are an important part of their diet as they have vitamins and antioxidants that help the brain grow. Reportedly they are proven to reduce the risk of dementia, where different green vegetables can help and some of them are beans and kale. These can be added to burgers, sandwiches or served with meat and are the best healthy foods for kids brain development. 

Best Healthy Foods for Kids Brain Development


Fish is a great natural source of omega-3 and vitamin D which protects the brain from memory loss and help the kid to focus better by increasing the brain activity. It can be served to your kids in a salad, sandwich and even tacos. Salmon is one of the best fish easily available to serve this purpose.

Nuts and Seeds

They are a great way to add some healthy nutrients to mid-day snacks. They are as filling as they are healthy and will be a good replacement for the fast-food kids tend to eat between meals.they are rich in protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. These healthy foods for kids brain development are wholesome contribution to your growing child’s diet and helps the nervous system function better. 

Best Healthy Foods for Kids Brain Development


The protein-rich oatmeal helps keep the heart and arteries clear. A study shows that sweetened oatmeal helps kids perform better and has a positive effect on the kid’s memory. To make the most of a serving of oatmeal, add a slight bit of cinnamon that helps protect the brain cells. This is a great breakfast meal and is a healthy food for developing your kid’s brain. 


These healthy foods for kids brain development contain quercetin and antioxidants that make for sweet mid-meal snacks and help kids with their memory and help the brain grow. Give them washed apples to each every other day. It is true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Best Healthy Foods for Kids Brain Development


Plums are one of the healthy foods for kids brain development that can be added to an antioxidant-rich snack to the kid’s diet and are high in vitamins. This helps develop memory and keep the brain and nervous system healthy. You can add this to a fruit bowl or serve washed plums when the kids demand a snack.

Lean Beef

Lean beef contains zinc that helps increase memory. It is also an important source of nonheme iron, which is the type of iron that allows vitamin C to be absorbed. This helps the brain develop and makes sure that enough brain cells are being produced. This is a really healthy food that works great in developing the kids brain.


This is high in nonheme iron and helps the brain in retaining more information to increase memory. You can stir fry this vegetable or simply add it in your salad. If your child is a picky eater, you can add some chopped spinach leaves in a burger or a sandwich along with other fillings. 

Best Healthy Foods for Kids Brain Development

With these healthy foods for kids brain development, every parent will get to know the food items that can help retain more nutrients, increase mental capacity, memory and make the nervous system healthier. Every parent needs to add these items to their child’s diet.

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