10 Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain Relief

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Back pain is one of the most chronic pains that people experience throughout their life.

It is estimated that about 84% of the world population suffers from back pain at some point in their life.

Chronic back pain is a crippling issue since it hinders movement and does not allow people to go about and perform their daily chores.

Most back pains are caused by muscle pulls, strains or injuries. Several diseases result in back pain as part of the symptoms.

These illnesses include cancer of the spinal cord, ruptured disc, arthritis, kidney infections and infections of the spine.

Ageing is also a major factor that contributes to backaches. As we age, the fluid present between the vertebrae of the spine reduces and causes back pain.

There are several ways to relieve lower back pain without the use of prescription pills and over the counter medications.

Here are some home remedies for back pain that can help you.

Table of Contents

  • Exercise
  • Restorative Sleep
  • Engage Your Mind
  • Heat and Cold
  • Stretching
  • Pain Relief Cream
  • Arnica
  • Switching Shoes
  • Sleeping Position
  • Essential Oil Massages
  • Conclusion

Home Remedies for Back Pain Relief


This might sound like bad advice for someone who is suffering from acute pain, but with the right guidance and medical consultation, you can create a workout routine for yourself that helps you work your muscles.

This is not the only benefit that exercise can have on your body.

Physical exertion causes the body to release endorphins.

These help block the back pain signals from registering in your brain and helps one tackle their backache.

These exercises can range from aerobics, massage therapy or even meditation.

This is one of the easiest and most effective home remedies for back pain.

home remedies for back pain

Restorative Sleep

Certain body aches are caused due to lack of sleep.

Insomnia plays a big role in worsening backaches.

Getting enough restorative sleep is needed for the body’s tissues to heal and recharge energy levels.

Although, it may seem impossible to fall asleep when you are already in pain.

There are several measures you can take to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep to recharge.

You can ask your doctor to prescribe sleeping pills, try meditation or make some changes in your lifestyle to ensure that you get enough regenerative sleep.

Engage Your Mind

Pain is not just a sensation.

Several complex factors make a person experiences pain.

The way your brain interprets and processes pain signals plays an important role in how you perceive your pain.

The good news is that the mind can be trained to ignore pain signals or to process them differently.

There are a couple of ways to do this-

Mindfulness- Practicing mindfulness and meditation, which typically involves slow, controlled breathing and focusing the mind, may help reduce the pain sensation.

It can also help with relaxation. To get started you can check out videos online that offer guidance for these exercises.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy- This is a type of therapy that may help you to think about your pain differently or learn new strategies for managing it.

Heat and Cold

Heat can be used to relieve pain in the stiff or aching muscles.

The best way to use heat to your advantage is to use a heating pad.

Follow the instructions on the heating pad to make sure that you make the best of it and do not harm yourself in any way.

home remedies for back pain

If a heating pad is unavailable one can use a hot bag of rice that has been microwaved.

For sudden and intense pangs of pain, one can rely on ice to numb the affected areas.

A person can use cold packs that are designed for pain relief.

Ice packs are best suited for injuries such as a muscle pull and strain.

Instead of an ice bag, you can use a bag of ice or frozen vegetables covered with a cloth to protect the skin from frostbite.


Several positions help stretch the body and relieve back pain.

Touching the toes by bending forward from the waist, without bending the knees is a great way to stretch your back muscles and help relieve back pain.

Another great way to relieve back pain is to use the cobra pose.

Lie on your stomach with your back arched out towards the ceiling and then return to the initial position.

With your body on all fours, you can perform the cat-cow pose. Arch your back and turn towards the ceiling. Then arch the opposite way towards the floor.

Pain Relief Cream

A variety of pain-relief creams that can provide some relief from back pain are available in pharmacies and online.

These creams contain capsaicin, which is a compound found in hot peppers, may also help relieve pain.

Pain-relief creams that contain menthol have a cooling effect that can temporarily dull back pain.

One study suggests that applying menthol to the skin can desensitize pain receptors in the body.

However, using too much menthol can cause a person to be more sensitive to pain and hence overuse of these products is ill-advised. These are great home remedies for back pain.


Arnica is a homoeopathic remedy that people can apply directly to the skin to treat muscle pain, swelling, bruising, and minor injuries.

Many pharmacies sell Arnica creams and gels.

There are several ways to make the most of the natural remedies for back pain.

It can be used with massages and other methods such as acupuncture to increase its effect on the body and make sure that you can tackle the most severe back pain.

home remedies for back pain

Switching Shoes

Wearing shoes that do not fit or that offer no support could cause muscle strains in the back, legs, and even neck.

Shoes like high heels can throw off the body’s alignment, leading to lower back pain.

Wearing very flat shoes can also put added strain on the feet and back.

Wearing shoes with more support and padding for your feet decrease the effect of chronic back pain.

If a person experiences recurrent back pain, they should consider switching to shoes that fit correctly and support the feet.

A podiatrist or foot specialist can help you with your issues.

Sleeping Position

Your back pain may be either caused or alleviated due to the position you sleep in.

Many people tend to sleep haphazardly and this causes them to strain their back causing back pain.

This pain might worsen if you continue sleeping in that position or on your back.

The easiest solution to this to sleep on your stomach and sleep straight as much as possible.

A doctor may recommend physical therapy, medication, or other treatments to treat this issue.

Essential Oil Massages

The best way to ease tense muscles and make stiff muscles relax is to massage the affected areas.

To make this more effective you can use tea tree oil.

Essential oils provide the warmth to treat the pain as well as act as a lubricant for the masseuse to be able to do a good job.

These massages should be regular and thorough.

These will help the muscles ease enough to be able to exercise and move about without having to fight back pain.

This is why this is one of the best home remedies for back pain.

home remedies for back pain


With these home remedies for back pain, one can manage their back pain with much ease.

These are solutions that can be implemented by the person experiencing pain, without having to get professional help and this will allow the patients to manage their pain.

Go ahead and try these solutions to see the effects for yourself.

Get rid of your back pain now by trying these home remedies for back pain.

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