Natural Home Remedies For Soft Feet

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Feet are the most sensitive part of our body and it should handle with care to maintain its softness. The cracked heels not only look ugly but sometimes it is very painful too. Some people embarrassed and feel ashamed of their cracks and try to hide them in front of others. But do you think that hiding is the best solution for cracked heels? The answer will be No because the cracked heel needs treatment to get its softness. There are some home remedies for soft feet which is very effective that you will fall in love with your feet.

remedies for soft feet

But, before we talk about the home remedies for soft feet, let’s have a look at the major causes which are responsible for cracking the heels. Check out:

  • The most common cause of cracked heels is the lack of moisture in the feet. If the skin of the feet is dry then it will get cracks very easily because of less elasticity.
  • Changing weather is also one common cause for cracked heels.
  • Bad hygiene like not cleaning properly to your feet also makes the skin dull.
  • Bad quality of soap and using extremely hot water for cleaning can also be the reason for cracked heels.
  • The regular expose of feet in the water for a long time can make cracks in the feet skin.
  • Bad quality of shoe also damages the feet skin.
  • Sometimes lack of vitamins, minerals, and zinc affect the heel health.
  • It is seen that people who stand for a long time have cracked heels.
  • Genetic cracked heels can also be the reason for your damaged feet skin.
  • Overweight or obesity increases the bodyweight pressure directly on feet and thus they lose their elasticity and results in cracked heels.

If you want to cure the heels then it is better to avoid the above-mentioned causes because precautions are easy then giving feet treatment after cracking.

remedies for soft feet

This is very true that you will get many treatments in the parlor to get rid of your cracked heels. Your Beautician will set many appointments for the treatment with lots of investment. But after treatment, it is not sure how long you will have the soft heels. It may be for a long time but might you have to face more cracks because of chemical reactions.

So, why to take the risk with cosmetics when you have your kitchen remedies in your hands! Yes, it is true as there are many home remedies for soft feet which are hidden in our kitchen. These remedies are the most effective treatment for the cracked heels with no side effects. Let’s have a look at some of the most effective home remedies for soft feet which are proved best in curing the cracks of the heels. Check out:

Clean your feet

Cleaning is the best way to prevent your cracked heels. Mix shampoo in lukewarm water and put your feet in it for 15-20 minutes. Make it dry properly and moisturize your skin with organic hand cream reviews or coconut oil. This is the best way to make your feet hygiene and clean and free from the dead skins.

Clean your feet


The main cause of cracked heels is the lack of moisturizer in the skin. Drink lots of water, at least 8-10 glasses a day to make your body hydrated and skin moisturized naturally. This will help in curing your soft heels of cracking.

drink Water for your feet

Coconut Oil

Always massage your feet with lukewarm coconut oil whenever you wash it. It is more effective during sleeping hours so make sure to apply it at night.

Coconut Oil for your feet

Baking Soda

The most effective home remedies for soft feet come from the baking soda. Take warm water and mix two tablespoon baking soda in it along with lemon and shampoo. Soak your feet in the water for about half an hour. Repeat the process daily and you will get soft skin.


Mix Vinegar and shampoo in Luke warm water and put your cracked heels in the water for some half an hour. You will feel the change in some days if it will be followed regularly.

Vinegar for your feet


Make a smooth paste of ripe banana and gently rub it on the cracked part and keep it for 20 minutes. Repeat the process daily during night time to get the effective results.



Mix one cup of honey in warm water and feel relaxed by keeping your feet in it for 15 minutes. It will help in the outer skin heal very quickly.

Honey for your feet

Vegetable oil

This oil contains vitamin A, D, and E which helps in nourishing the skin very quickly. Apply it on the affected area after cleaning it properly. Cover it overnight and then wash it in the morning with warm water.

Vegetable oil for your feet

Olive oil

If your skin is dry then gently massage your feet with olive oil regularly. The olive oil has lots of moisturizers and very good to cure the dry skin.

Olive oil for your feet

Aloe Vera

The very natural and effective remedies for skincare are Aloe Vera. Clean your feet properly and apply the gel of Aloe Vera on cracked parts. Cover and leave it for overnight. Wash it with lukewarm water in the morning. You will feel the satisfying results within a week.

Aloe Vera for feet


As we know that turmeric have many natural antibodies which prevent our body from many diseases. This kitchen spice is also helpful for the cracked heels. Add sugar and lemon juice with turmeric and make a thick paste. Apply it on the feet and leave for 15 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water for effective results.

Turmeric for feet

Vicks VapoRub

Yes, we know that t is for the sneezed nose but it is also very effective in moisturizing the skin. It has eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor in a turpentine oil base which prevents the skin from dryness. Apply the Vicks on the cracked part during sleeping time. Wash your feet in the morning to get the cooling effects quickly.

Vicks VapoRub for feet

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