12 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness that Really Work

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Morning sickness can be defined as the sensation of nausea that may be coupled with vomiting. It is a condition that is most commonly associated with pregnancy. 

It is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy, often starting as early as two weeks into the pregnancy.  

Since it is ill-advised to consume more medicines and get many treatments during pregnancy, it makes sense to use natural remedies to reduce the effects of morning sickness and to make sure it does not affect your health adversely. 

Table of Contents

  • Symptoms of Morning Sickness
  • Causes of Morning Sickness
  • Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness
    • Frequent Snacking
    • Ginger
    • Avoid Strong Smells
    • Prenatal Vitamins
    • Avoid Some Food Items
    • Aromatherapy
    • Exercise
    • Use a lemon
    • Breathing
    • Relaxing your Muscles
  • Conclusion

Morning Sickness –  Symptoms, Causes and Natural Remedies

First, take the time to understand morning sickness, its causes and home remedies you can use to manage your morning sickness. Here’s everything you need to know about morning sickness.

Symptoms of Morning Sickness

Although the name ‘Morning Sickness’ suggests that these symptoms occur only during the morning, but this is far from the truth. 

Morning sickness, contrary to popular belief, can occur during any time of the day. 

Morning sickness is usually marked by excessive nausea and vomiting which is often triggered by certain smells, heat, excessive salivation and spicy foods. 

Morning sickness usually affects the expecting mothers in the first trimester but it may last for your entire pregnancy. 

morning sickness symptoms

The severity of your morning sickness can dictate the symptoms you have. Many people pass a small amount of dark urine every time they visit the washroom. 

If you cannot hold down liquids or you feel like you will faint every time you get up and your heart races, you may be experiencing severe morning sickness. 

Causes of Morning Sickness

As mentioned above, the most common cause of morning sickness in pregnancy. There are, however, some other diseases that cause morning sickness as well. 

All those suffering from thyroid or liver diseases tend to have morning sickness as well. 

A severe case of Hyperemesis Gravidarum may lead to morning sickness. This condition may need treatment with IV fluids. 

Make sure you are certain of the cause of your condition, so that you can select your method of treatment. 

If left untreated, the condition can cause severe dehydration and this may lead to complications in your pregnancy. 

It may lead to poor weight gain in your baby and hence it is important to make sure that you manage your morning sickness.

To make sure you do not suffer a lot and stay away from all the triggers that cause morning sickness like strong odours.

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

There are several natural remedies for morning sickness that you can use to help you feel better. Here are some of them-

Frequent Snacks

One way to make sure that you do not feel nauseous regularly is to keep eating small snacks regularly. This will ensure that you do not end up with an empty stomach. 

Simply replace the three meals you have with small portions of different nutritious food. 

To mitigate nausea in the morning, make sure you have a pack of plain crackers, dry bread or cereal next to your bed, so you can eat a small amount as soon as you wake up.


Ginger is known to aid the secretion of saliva and the process of digestion. Since ginger is heaty, many experts worry that the overuse of ginger may lead to a miscarriage. 

Hence, it is advised to use ginger-based natural remedies for morning sickness sparingly. It does, however, very effectively tackle the effects of morning sickness. 

natural remedies for morning sickness

It has been proven scientifically that taking small portions of ginger will help reduce nausea and vomiting in pregnant ladies. 

Avoid Strong Smells

One of the most common reasons for morning sickness is certain triggers that may cause the symptoms to elevate suddenly. 

Several smells can cause you to feel more nauseous, so it makes sense that you try to avoid any strong smell. 

This may include the smell of cigarette smoke, spicy food, perfumes etc. This is one of the best precautionary natural remedies for morning sickness. 

Prenatal Vitamins

One of the best ways to manage your morning sickness is to make sure that your body does not have excessive iron. 

This is why it is important to make sure you take the correct amount of prenatal vitamins when you start experiencing morning sickness. 

You can always talk to your doctor and ask for vitamins that do not contain iron. You will need iron in the later stages of your pregnancy. 

Avoid Some Food Items

Several food items might trigger your morning sickness.

It is advised for you to steer clear of fatty and greasy foods, very sweet foods, spicy foods, and gas-producing foods. 

It has been reported that high protein, carbohydrate-heavy food, salty food, low-fat, bland or dry foods like nuts and crackers are less likely to cause nausea.

You can also choose to keep foods and beverages separate to fight nausea at meals. 


On the other hand, you can alleviate nausea by smelling mint, lemon, or orange. 

Try placing a cotton ball or tissue infused with scented oil under your nose to use aromatherapy as one of the natural remedies for morning sickness. 


Some women claim that exercise helps their symptoms. You can always try taking an extra walk during the day.

 It is possible to go for a swim in the first two trimesters or join a prenatal yoga class. 

natural remedies for morning sickness

And although exercise is strongly encouraged during pregnancy, you should always consult with your provider before embarking on a new exercise routine.

Use a Lemon

The citric smell of lemon reportedly helps all those women who feel nauseous during their pregnancy. 

You can simply slice a lemon or start peeling it or scratching the skin when you start to feel nauseous and see the results for yourself. 

The essential oils are released in the air as soon as the fruit is exposed to the air and that is how it helps curb your morning sickness.

This is one of the best natural remedies for morning sickness because lemons are cheap and are easily available in the kitchen. 


The best way to beat nausea is to make sure that you inhale more oxygen and make you feel better instantly.

You must breathe in and count to three, then similarly slowly breathe out and make sure you concentrate on one point if you are not able to close your eyes due to nausea. 

This is a foolproof method that comes close to the effects essential oils have on you.

Relaxing your Muscles

One of the best natural remedies for morning sickness is to make sure all your muscles are relaxed and you are feeling free while you get a massage. 

Individuals are required to ease their muscles and stretch to make sure they can cope with the symptoms of morning sickness. 

You can even get a massage to make sure that all your muscles and mind are relaxed as well.

Getting regular massages helps chemo patients deal with nausea and is bound to help with your morning sickness.


Pregnancy can be a great experience but it brings along with it a lot of changes and complications in your health. 

Go ahead and try these natural remedies for morning sickness to make sure that you feel relaxed, at ease and do not have to worry about being dehydrated or holding down your meals.

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